7 Precise Tips To Not Be Tempted Back Smoking After Successfully Stopped

Quitting smoking is easy and difficult. Quite often many are tempted to smoke again after successfully living monthly to annual without a cigarette. But this does not mean you fail miserably. Do not also give in to temptation. Here are a few ways to stop smoking forever, and are no longer tempted to "just one!"

How to stop smoking once and for all, and be free from temptation
1. Know first what makes you want to go back to smoking
Many smokers are accustomed to smoking to deal with stress. If this applies to you, your body has linked smoking as the only way to relieve stress .

This means that if someday if there are certain situations that cause stress after you stop smoking, chances are the desire to return to smoking will appear and difficult to control. Even quitting smoking is often used as a scapegoat as a cause of stress. In fact, your stress will actually be reduced when you stop smoking. Research shows that ex-smokers feel more free from stress than smokers.
You can deal with stress without smoking. The trick is to find out what exactly makes you uneasy. Is that the work deadline at the office? Then, find out how to increase your work productivity so that the task can be fulfilled properly.

2. Remember what makes you stop smoking
If you start to falter and are tempted to smoke again, you must quickly return to remember what are the reasons that make you stop smoking. Is that because of declining health, so you can no longer exercise as intense as before? Or because of worrying about the condition of parents, children, or wives, who are always exposed to your cigarette smoke first?

Try to write down all the list of reasons and place the list where you can see it clearly at any time - as material for self-reflection. Motivating yourself can help you not be tempted to smoke anymore.

Remember, changes made on the basis of one's own desires have the highest chance of success in the long run.

3. Avoid triggers
Usually, smokers have a certain time or situation that causes them to want to smoke. For example smoking after eating, or smoking while drinking coffee waiting for inspiration .

If these are things that easily trigger you back, then fill in the free time that you normally use to smoke by doing other activities. If possible, avoid other smokers for a while . Take for example, separating from your smoker friends for a walk after lunch, playing games on the cell phone, or washing dirty dishes immediately after eating.

Tempted to re-smoke again can be caused by the smell of cigarette smoke around you. Clothes and other types of clothing can absorb the scent of cigarettes . Wash all clothes, pants, rags, jackets that smell of cigarette smoke. If you like smoking in the car, clean your car to be free of cigarette smoke and cigarette butts rubbish.

4. Change the hobby of smoking with others
Keeping yourself busy is one effective way to stop smoking. Looking for another busy activity aims to divert your mind from cigarette cravings. There are several things you can do to fill your free time instead of smoking, including:

Take a leisurely walk out of the house
Keep your hands busy, can play games on mobile or computer
Go to the movies or watch an exciting TV series
Spend time with friends and family who don't smoke
Go to dinner at your favorite non-smoking restaurant
When you are in the process of quitting smoking, there will always be a desire to put something in your mouth. The reason is, you are used to smoking cigarettes so that when you don't smoke you will feel strange if there is nothing in your mouth.

Therefore, you can replace the cigarette that you normally put in your mouth with sugar-free gum, or healthy snacks. One other unique way that can be done to overcome the difficulties of quitting smoking is to drink cold water through a straw. Inhaling cold water through a straw will also release dopamine which is a brain chemical that can help alleviate bad moods.

5. Routine toothbrush
Usually, smokers have a musty breath smell like the smell of cigarettes. Therefore, one of the good things you get when trying to quit smoking is clean teeth and mouth breath that feels fresher especially when you brush your teeth frequently.

If you regularly brush your teeth and always have a fresh breath, you will also feel sorry to pollute it again with cigarette smoke.

6. Consider the temptation as a mistake
Don't blame yourself too much when the urge to smoke or even excessive smoking. Everyone is wrong, even when they are on the right path. This is normal.

However, make the moment a reflection and  to promise not to repeat the same mistakes.

7. Give a gift to yourself if it works
When you have succeeded in not smoking at all, it helps you to reward yourself. For example, money that was only spent on cigarettes, you can set aside and collect. If you stop smoking for a total of one year, you can take a vacation or buy things you like with the savings. You should celebrate being free from cigarette smoke.