What is SEO?

What is Seo?
What is SEO?
SEO stands for Seach Engine Optimization . This means that it is an activity carried out to OPTIMIZEYour website in the eyes of search engines earlier like Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing etc. An optimal website on search engines will win and be in the top position of search results on search engines like Google earlier. If your website wins, your website will be clicked by millions of people. Millions of people search on Google for example, your website is in the top position. Usually people trust more on websites that are in the top Search Engine positions. Because of that eventually people click on your website that person found, then many visitors to your blog and you become famous. This means that search engines have worked day and night endlessly helping you, faithfully, without asking for salary. You want to do that right? Then let us discuss one by one.
Broadly speaking, SEO activities have 2 parts, including:
The first  is to make your website favored by Search Engines. The first activity is internal on your website, because that is often also referred to as ON-PAGE SEO (activities on the pages that you create on your website).
The second  is the OFF-PAGE SEO activity, meaning the activity outside your website, how to get your website talked about out there, so that Search Engines consider your website as "important" by "DoFollow Blog". DoFollow Blog is by appearing on large blogs by commenting on these large blog articles. Even though it only directs the cursor to the writing of the person who commented on the blog, there is a link in that article so even if only directing the cursor will make Google feel the blog link is important. Or we can use NoFollow. The difference is if DoFollow puts a link in a comment then that Google counts as a backlink. If NoFollow, if we provide comments to the blog then it means that we do not put a link to the blog and are not counted as a backlink by Google.
If your website has been designed to be friendly with search engines, and is also widely discussed outside (for example, other blogs that discuss your website), the search engines will INCREASE your website's position in search results by people with keywords that you have created on your website. For example, people are looking for "business learning" and the topic is on your website that has been SEO ready, then your website will have the potential to be on the front pages of search results.
What position will you be? rank one, two or three? or on pages 2, 3, etc.? Depending on how optimal your website is in the eyes of the search engines. It also depends on how many optimal website rivals like yours. Who is the most OPTIMAL he will be number one.


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What is SEO?
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