Understanding DoFollow and NoFollow

Understanding DoFollow and NoFollow
Understanding DoFollow and NoFollow
In the world of web / blog we often hear the terms about DoFollow and NoFollow. So on this occasion I will explain about DoFollow and Nofollow.

Broadly speaking, DoFollow is a term for the web or blog that if we provide comments to the blog then it means we put a link to the blog and counted as a backlink by Google.

While NoFollow is a term for the web / blog which if we provide comments to the blog then it means we do not put a link to the blog and is not counted as a backlink by Google. But still other people can visit via the link that we put through comments

Why Blogs can be DoFollow or NoFollow?
Basically the entire web is NoFollow but can be changed to DoFollow if we have the desired change.

Strengths and Weaknesses
Advantages of nofollow
- Safe from interference by spammers who are looking for random backlinks.
- Google is more interested in SEO, because Google engines prefer this type.
- Comments on blogs are purely due to the benefits of our blog.
- PageRank that we can be pure and stable. It doesn't go up quickly or it goes down fast. But it rose slowly but surely.
- It's more challenging to look for post creativity, because incoming comments depend on the quality of our posts.
- More sociable doing blockwalking to make friends and exchange links.

Nofollow Disadvantages
- No one gives a comment or a little, but I'm sure if the contents are useful there is definitely someone willing to give a comment.
-The owner of the blog is considered apathetic, this is also not quite right. Because the blog owner will usually be more happy to exchange links and I'm sure he really likes it.
- More vulnerable left by readers for new blogs

Advantages of DoFollow
- This blog is liked by readers because it provides benefits in the form of free backlinks.
- Blogs input lots of constructive comments and suggestions
- Blog owners are considered people who have a social soul
- Increase blog pageview
- Relationships are also getting stronger. And we are frequented ^ _ ^

Disadvantages of DoFollow
- Many spammers who give comments like PTC scams or business scams who visit. But it doesn't matter if we delete it.
- Sometimes because of too many links, blogs are even banned by Google. And as a result diseo right down

Which is best?
Yes that's the second choice. Each is not wrong and has advantages and disadvantages of each. Depending on taste,

how do you know the blog is DoFollow or NoFollow?
- Usually the blog owner will post the contents of this blog DoFollow
- Or you can install the mozilla addon, you can search on Google by typing "how to know the blog DoFow or NoFow.


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Understanding DoFollow and NoFollow
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