Understanding Backlinks and How to Make It

Understanding Backlinks And How To Make It
Understanding Backlinks and How to Make
Backlinks are links that point to our website from another website. In other words, backlinks are links that point to our website and can lift the position of the SERP or Search Engine Results Page on Google. So the number of backlinks that a site has is the value of the site's popularity. There are two types of backlinks: DoFollow and NoFollow. for those who don't know DoFollow or NoFollow, please click here.  How to Make Backlinks How to make backlinks is very easy and without pay. Here is how: 1.

How to make backlinks 
Create a Backlink from commenting on a blog, this method is the easiest alternative to do, because the way to create a backlink on a blog can be done only by filling in the name, email address, and URL of the website that we want to optimize or given a backlink in the blog post comments box we visit.   
2. Signature in the Forum, this method is more practical than the number one method, because in this way we only need to add our Website / Blog in the Signature, then automatically we will get a Backlink every comment in a Thread on the forum.
3Directory Submission, by registering our site to get Backlinks is an alternative way to make backlinks quite popular, because we only need to register our Website / Blog in paid directories such as Yahoo! or free ones like Dmoz.org, then we have created Backlinks that are directed to our Website / Blog.
4. Create an Article, another method that we can take to make a backlink is tocreate an article in Article Directories such as Ezine and many more, then don't forget to paste the link to your Website / Blog.


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Understanding Backlinks and How to Make It
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